MA2211 Chest Press

MA2211 Chest Press

√ Advanced design concept with independent ergonomic training, 150° axis angle;
√ Main steel: 100x50x3.0mm high-frequency flat oval shape welded tube which are solid and durable;
√ The seat and back cushion are made of high-density sponge, and the surface is 1.2mm thick PU leather double-stitched seat which is soft and comfortable;
√ an additional 5-pound small weight option;
√ The double sprayed, double coating and double baking process ensure the paint surface more durable and rust proof;
√ The magnetic weight selection latch is designed to be easy to engage to ensure that the safety guard meets safety standards.
√ Muscles: pectoralis major, deltoid muscles, triceps brachii.
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Colour:Full black

Upholstery Colour:Black



Weight Stack:195lbs