• Bonjour,MONAMI®

    The French designer William owned a restaurant near Canal Saint-Martin in France called "MONAMI", the key of the restaurant is “loyal to the original taste” .

    William thinks that a piece of good design is like a set of French meal. You have to focus on excellence. The key to make it is to keep good combination of flavor, naturalness, skill, decoration and color.

    William brought this brand concept to China and brought MONAMI® to the fitness field.

    The brand of MONAMI
    ® was born!

  • Brand History



    MONAMI® is established. MONAMI started with dumbbells and plates.



    After 2 years of development, MONAMI launched the first generation of MONAMI cardio products and gained a good reputation in the industry.



    MONAMI® launched the AKIRA T2 treadmill designed by French designer.



    MONAMI® launched the AKIRA Elliptical and Recumbent bike. T2 treadmill won IDA design Prize and EPDA design price.



    MONAMI® completed the whole products line with more cardio equipment as well as single stations and fitness accessories.



    MONAMI® launched new Ringo Series treadmill, one of the most coolest treadmill with high quaility.

  • Creative sources——AKIRA

    AKIRA design is way ahead of its time, it is pure urban energy, it's just so advanced !

    It is Japanese but its influence is global, when I watch AKIRA as a young kid I was blown away by their motorbike and cool military weapons, all the design is well thought and credible. Nothing like a normal animation 30 years ahead of its release date !

    That's why I name this treadmill AKIRA,something brute, rawenergy like Testuo or AKIRAhimself."AKIRA" means "bright" or "brightness" in Japanese.
    Designer William chose AKIRA as the name of the first MONAMI®'s product series which indicates that MONAM® is a brand that leads people to see the "light".

    MONAMI® is aimed at breaking the traditional ideas through its distinctive brandcharacteristics and design concepts. MONAMI® refuses to remain the statics and brings hopes to change the fitness field.

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  • Creative sources——RINGO

    The name of the RINGO seriescomes from Ringo Starr, the drummer of the world-class group The Beatles. The well-known singers and songwriters John Lennon and Paul McCartney often started singing directly after discussing the song and Ringo could immediately hit the rhythm that best suited the song without any instructions.
    Ringo said: "I'm not good at technical things. I just use interesting tricks to create new ideas from some simple rhythms." Simple and clear with a steady rhythm, this is also the essence of the MONAMI®RINGO series.
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