MA1704 Leg Press
  •  MA1704 Leg Press
  •  MA1704 Leg Press

MA1704 Leg Press

√ allows the lower body to move in a more natural pattern and helps reduce stress on the knees.
√ Tough grip coating ensures stable foot placement while a sophisticated weight-locking lever ensures safe and easy use
√ Each load bar is positioned for easy entry and exit and pre-drilled holes can be bolted to the floor for added stability.
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Muscles: Quadriceps, gluteus maximus, hamstring, adductor

The nickel plate is designed to withstand corrosion, rust, and is also designed for intensive use.

Upholstery: high quality PU leather.

Filler: double layer foam, shrink resistant, resistant to deformation.

Painting: powder enamel (electrostatic spraying).



Maxium Weight:408kg