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Half Rack(Standard)

Color: matte black paint/yellow glossy paint (Pantone116c)
Space for a bench.
Dimension: 1440* 1810 * 2353mm
Column: 75*75cm 3mm square tube; tube thickness: 3mm
Base: 50 * 75cm square tube; tube thickness 3mm
More Details


  • Laser cut holes (50mm spacing) and laser cut 1-25 digit numbers on the front, 25 digits in total.
  • Powder-coated surface for scratch resistance For accessory placement and positioning;
  • Connecting plate thickness: 8mm
  • M20 large reinforcement bolt
  • 1 meter workout space for inside frame which can be used with CS69 pole
  • Accessories include: 1 pair of CLUSTER reinforced hooks, 2 barbell barrels, weight lifting platform(2000 * 1000 * 50mm together with 7 pieces of 1m * 1m * 2.5cm weightlifting rubber floor mats and 1 piece of 2m * 1m * 2.5cm weightlifting bamboo flooring)
  • 1 pair of CLUSTER safety racks, 6 barbell hanging rods, 1 set of multi-angle pull-up bars
  • Optional accessories: gun barrel, power push arm 2.0, luxury squat hook, and parallel bars.